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Professional Marketing Automation Services

Marketing + Sales Automation

Marketing has changed a lot over the past decade. Following up with every prospect or customer is a time-consuming process and depending on your business it can become an impossible task. That’s where marketing and sales automation comes into place. We set up the strategy and implement the tools so people who are interested in your product receive a well-timed text message and or email; we send the coupon code for the item a prospect has kept in their cart for two weeks, or a simple follow up email with the prospect from which you haven’t heard about. All without you and or your team having to think about it and increasing your bottom line.

Our Areas of Expertise

Automation Strategy

First, we look at your customer journey and figure out the different touchpoints where automation can be beneficial to you. We help you develop different paths depending on your buyer personas and product and/or service offering. Then we work with you to develop the content that will help your prospects stay engaged and finally, transition from prospect to customer.

Lead Nurturing Automation

Do you have a list of prospects but don’t know what to do with it? Let us work with you to keep them engaged and educate them about your products and services without you having to lift a finger. Then we will just present you with the leads that are ready to buy so you can give them the final nudge to turn them into customers.

Customer Support Automation

You were able to turn prospects into customers, now we want to turn those customers into brand evangelists. We can automate and help you resolve the most common customer support interactions to reduce the workload of your customer support team and provide prompt and efficient resolutions to your customers. From simple text messages about the status of a case to complete resolution workflows.

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