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Branding May 20, 2022


Cleaning up skin – and brand: A company that manufactures handmade natural over-the-counter (OTC) soap to help people control and alleviate their psoriasis symptoms. Dermabon has been around the Mexican market for decades, but it was time for an expansion. They partnered with us to analyze the product, its target audience, and national competitors to create a marketing communication strategy for the U.S. market.


Introduce Dermabon as one of the leading OTC products for psoriasis in the U.S.

  • Strategy

    Branding Strategy, Content Strategy, UX Strategy

  • Design

    Art Direction, Brand Design, Packaging Design

  • Client


  • Tactics

    Marketing Automation, Paid Advertising, Social Media Strategy

Open Project
01 // Challenges

Good Clinical Trials Were Not Enough

Dermabon is a well-established brand known for effectively controlling and relieving symptoms of psoriasis in Mexico. In the US, Dermabon is recognized by the National Psoriasis Foundation as one of the few successful products to control this condition without cortisol or steroids. However, the brand was unknown and more expensive than its direct OTC competitors.

02 // Brand Strategy

A New Approach to Cross Borders

Our decision to rebrand Dermabon resulted in a new logo and presentation for the U.S. market. While keeping the existing name, we aimed to glorify the product and justify its price through a more attractive design and brand experience. The logo and visual system are inspired by skin cells and types of psoriasis, connecting with those who have experienced the condition.

03 // Business Model

Monthly Membership Program

While working on the rebranding, we started to lay out our messaging and content strategy. We knew we needed more than a new presentation to convince people to buy Dermabon over other more affordable alternatives. Instead of only considering the product’s benefits, we decided to focus our brand and marketing messaging on the lifestyle and self-love that psoriasis patients need to have to be able to cope with this uncomfortable and challenging skin condition.

04 // Content Strategy & Development

Psoriasis as a Lifestyle

We developed valuable content about the psoriasis lifestyle to promote Dermabon and educate the public about psoriasis from a human perspective. This marketing tactic led us to include a blog on our website called People with PsO-L, where we could share relevant information such as, sleeping and eating habits, sun care, stressful holiday seasons and other trigger events. Additionally, we had the same monthly content in a note delivered to subscribers of our monthly membership program.

Dermabon - Responsive E-commerce Website Development by Phidev
Dermabon - Website Development Sample by Phidev
Dermabon - Responsive Website Development by Phidev
Dermabon - Ad Campaign by Phidev
05 // Communication Strategy

Building a Human Connection With Our Audience

Since psoriasis is a chronic skin condition, we created a subscription model where people can set up monthly orders without worrying about running out of product. The subscription model allows the client to pause it for a predetermined time by login into the website. This arrangement provided added convenience and enhanced our client’s monthly revenue.

06 // Marketing Efforts

Paid Advertising & Amazon Store

We started a paid advertising campaign to launch Dermabon in the digital world through Google and Meta Ads. The campaign started generating sales in less than 24 hours and was reinforced with monthly newsletters to strengthen our brand voice. At the moment, our client struggled with unofficial resellers, which required that we set up Dermabon’s Official Amazon Store, worked closely with our client to ensure they maintained control of Amazon’s Brand Registry and helped to centralize the brand and take control over pricing in the U.S market. 

07 // What We Provided


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08 // What's Next

Bringing it all together

We are pleased to have had the chance to collaborate on a product that has a positive impact on people’s lives. This project also pushed us to delve into the U.S. OTC industry, which was a sector we had not previously explored. We are content with the outcome and enthusiastic about the success of this product in the U.S. market.

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