The Importance of Web Design

What is the most important aspect of your business?  Well, for some it might be the number of sales for each quarter, for others, it might be website traffic.  However, one common factor, essential even, for all businesses is their brand image.   How recognizable your business is to your consumers.  Anyone can immediately recognize Coca Cola’s brand or McDonald’s’ simply by looking at the colors or listening to their slogan.  Having a consistently recognizable brand gives your business an advantage over the competition.  Nowadays, you can’t have a recognizable brand without an online presence.  And in order to have a prominent online presence, you need memorable web design that stands out.

How Web Design Can Take Your Brand To The Next Level

Let’s just make something clear: first impressions do count.  And even if you are not supposed to “judge a book by its cover,” sometimes it is unavoidable.  That first impression when the consumer visits your site will define if they want to do business with you or not.  If they can’t find what they are looking for right away or if your site keeps freezing up and taking a long time to load, your ‘potential’ consumer will move on.  Perhaps to your top competition.  Web design consists of much more than the look of the page, it encompasses the functionality and efficiency of the website’s navigation.

Web design is in a way like architecture.   You are laying the foundation of what will become a larger structure.  Your web design lets you map out how you want your consumers to interact with your business, from what items/services to showcase all the way to purchasing on your site.  Through good web design, you are able to take your consumer through a journey and making their online experience all that more enjoyable.

Using Web Design To Attract And Keep Consumers

Today’s business world is greatly impacted by the online world.  If your business does not have a website, social media channels, or any type of online presence it looses credibility and therefore the trust of the consumer.  You just need to have an online destination for people to find your business.  Not only that, but you also need for that online destination to provide your consumers with the information they are looking for.

One of the most surprising revelations discovered in research is the fact that design elements are essentially more powerful than content, in terms of mistrust.      Your business’ image defines what your consumer thinks of you.  Are you professional?  Is your business trustworthy? Are you reliable?  If your web design looks sloppy and amateurish, your consumer might think your business is unprofessional and take their business to your competition.  If you have your consumer’s trust, you will have their business for longer.

By now, you understand the importance of SEO for a business’ online presence.   Well, SEO does not only matter in terms of content; it is also a prominent factor in the design of your website.  Professional web designers understand the importance of SEO compatibility in your site, which is why they create SEO compliant sites that can be navigated faster and easier.  This will only increase your chances of recognition across online channels. 

Taking Your Website On The Go

Additionally, having an online presence allows you to transfer your information to mobile format.  In doing so, you are making your business even more available to your consumers.   All of these things provide you with endless opportunities to reach your consumer and grow your business.  However, it is not as easy as it sounds.  You need your web designer to be well informed of how to format your web design to a mobile design.  And just like with web design, they need to ensure the functionality of the mobile format.

You might be skeptical about contracting an outside agency to help you with your web design.  But, if you really think about it, your business’ design is not something you want to take the easy way out.  This is what will define your business and what will help you maintain lasting relationships with your consumers.  For more information about how you can improve your web design, contact Phidev today and be one step closer to having the flawless brand of your dreams.


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