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Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

The short and sweet answer is yes.  An essential function of every business is to keep expanding by attracting more consumers and retaining their existing client base. As a business owner, you have to be constantly and continuously improving and finding new ways of reaching potential consumers and keeping current consumers engaged.  A very effective way to accomplish this is through email marketing.

Technology has evolved at a very fast pace and now you have an array of options where to make your business visible.  Seems like social media has taken over. Yet, time and time again, email marketing has proven itself to be highly efficient.  So much so that 91% of adults in the US say they like to receive promotional emails from the companies they do business with.

The Importance of Mobile-Friendly Businesses

Email marketing allows you to keep your consumer updated with all your latest news. In today’s day and age, roughly 2 billion people own a smartphone and use it daily.   This means your email marketing campaign can reach your consumer directly on their smartphone.   This allows businesses to have direct access to the consumer.  For example, imagine launching a new product and in a matter of a click in their screen, your consumer can purchase it.

By formatting your email marketing for mobile devices, you create a direct link and communication to your consumer.  The ‘proximity’ generates more opportunities to expand and grow your business while creating a lasting relationship with your consumers.  By being immediately available to your consumer, you cut some of the time-consuming steps that discourage the consumer from taking action.  As a result, this gives your consumer endless opportunities to find your business through the touch of a screen. Whenever and wherever they want.

Additionally, the change of administrations happening this year will impact the economy.  Whether for better or worse it is still uncertain.  Therefore, businesses have to be smart about how they spend their money, making sure to invest in things they know will generate profit. Advertising and Marketing are essential tools to help a business grow.  They allow the customers to be constantly reminded of your business’ existence.  With the top-of-mind awareness of your business, you remind your customer of their need for your specific service and make them engaged again.

Hiring a Professional Agency To Help You Maximize Your Email Marketing Strategy

Multiple factors come into play when marketing your business which might discourage business owners from investing in these services.  Maybe you don’t have the time to create online campaigns.  Or maybe you don’t think there is enough content to create the campaigns.  When you hire a professional agency to help you conceptualize and strategize your email marketing campaign, you are investing in a long time service that will only benefit your business.  As a result, you have more time to dedicate to your business while you also reach them on the go.

Over the years the percent of online consumption has steadily increased.  As a survey showed, around 51% of shoppers made their purchases online.  Therefore, by making your content directly available for your consumers you are increasing your chances of raising awareness and attracting new consumers.  Ultimately, the only way your business grows is by being visible and by having old and new consumers who are engaged with your message.  There is no logical reason why you shouldn’t try email marketing to help your business grow.

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Ares Saldaña
Ares Saldaña
Since 2005, I have been helping clients find and develop new systems, products, or solutions that address their business challenges and problems. As the founder of Phidev, a digital marketing agency, and a partner at Audisatt, a data-driven SaaS audit company, I combine technology, data, and design to create and deliver effective and innovative online campaigns and platforms. My passion lies in generating and developing ideas that leverage my expertise in marketing strategy, digital marketing, content development, and product/software development. I also enjoy leading and managing teams that share my vision and values of delivering high-quality and customer-centric results. I am always eager to learn new skills and technologies that can enhance my performance and expand my knowledge.