Adding an Email Signature to Gmail

Adding a Signature to Gmail: Tutorial Steps

  1. Navigate to the url containing your custom email signature. This url should have been emailed to you from your Phidev Representative.
  2. From your browser’s top menu bar, navigate to “Edit” and then choose “Select All”.
  3. Navigate to your Gmail account.
  4. From your Gmail account, select your Gmail Settings (located on the right side of your page and shown as a little “gear”).
  5. From your General settings, scroll down, until you see the “Signature” settings.
  6. Paste the copy of your signature into the text area by right clicking your mouse and selecting “paste” (you can also use cmd+v for Mac or ctrl+v for Windows)
  7. Check the box that says, “Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the “–” line that precedes it”.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Save Changes”.
  9. Return to your inbox and select “Compose”. You will see your shiny new email signature already in place in your new email.
  10. Smile knowingly to yourself, knowing that you’ve done a good work.

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