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5 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Your Business

Social media is everywhere! Do you remember a time when social media wasn’t part of your everyday life? We cannot! And it just keeps evolving. The latest way social media has integrated into our lives? Through our favorite brands and businesses. 97% of marketers are currently participating in social media. This means that the majority of brands and businesses have seen the benefits of social media and are taking action. What started as simply social networking sites, have evolved into an innovative digital marketing strategy for businesses.

In 2015 social networks earned an estimated $8.3 billion from advertising. This number is expected to keep increasing. Which means business either get with the times or get lost in a sea of competition. To get the most out of it, you need to know how to engage with your audience and give them what they want. Additionally, in order to accomplish this, you also need to understand why you are doing a social media campaign.

5 Benefits of Social Media For Businesses

  1. Increased brand recognition and brand loyalty
    If you are an already well-established brand, chances are you have a very steady ingress of consumers. The real feat is keeping those consumers engaged.   Through social media, you can create a lasting relationship and develop real brand loyalty.  Having this type of direct access of communication creates a more human perception of your brand/business. This in change gives your consumers more incentive to keep coming back to you for their purchasing decisions.  It gives your business legitimacy and credibility.
  2. Quantity and quality of content
    Social media is great because it allows you to create the kind of content that you want and as much as you want. Being active on social media acts as a “signal” for search engines, which can result in higher search engine ranking. The higher up your brand/business is, the more exposure you’ll get and the better chances of conversion you’ll have. Therefore, having engaging and constant content can increase the chances of growing a business.
  3. Custom audience
    It wasn’t long before social media networks discovered the value of providing their services for marketing purposes. Through a personal brand/business’ account, you can execute entire digital campaigns that can be carefully tracked and adjusted. All through a single click of a button. With this type of digital marketing campaign, you can specify who will receive your campaign, when they’ll receive it, at what time of day, and how many times a day.  You can segment campaigns by things like location, company, job title, gender, and age/demographics, interests, behaviors, and connections. This gives businesses a more immediate and successful way to reach their audience.
  4. Direct and immediate customer service
    More than half of the population in the world owns a smartphone, which gives your brand/business direct access to your consumer and vice versa.   If they have a question, request, concern, or complaint about your brand, services, or products they can utilize one of the different social media platforms to let you know.   Most businesses allow consumers to write reviews and send direct messages on the different platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).
  5. Affordability
    One of the most important factors for a business is its budget. Yet, much of the time, businesses prefer to invest in things other than advertising and marketing. This is social media’s greatest advantage, it is incredibly affordable. The posting of content is completely free of charge. The only money you have to invest in these campaigns is when you customize the reach and demographic of your campaign. You can set your post as a sponsored post or boost it to reach a greater audience. However, in order to do this correctly, you have to conduct extensive research to learn about your audience’s behavior online.

How do you go about curating your social media presence?

Realistically speaking, the advantages of using social media for your business far outweigh the disadvantages. A well-structured campaign can grant you access to a whole other section of your audience you had not targeted before.   Additionally, it can make your brand/business stand out from the crowd. Professional agencies specializing in digital marketing and social media campaigns have the necessary tools to ensure that your campaign reaches the right people at the right time.

A professional agency can establish your brand/business at the top of search engine results through extensive research and careful analysis of each campaign.

For more information on how a social media campaign can benefit your business contact us at Phidev.


Ares Saldaña
Ares Saldaña
Since 2005, I have been helping clients find and develop new systems, products, or solutions that address their business challenges and problems. As the founder of Phidev, a digital marketing agency, and a partner at Audisatt, a data-driven SaaS audit company, I combine technology, data, and design to create and deliver effective and innovative online campaigns and platforms. My passion lies in generating and developing ideas that leverage my expertise in marketing strategy, digital marketing, content development, and product/software development. I also enjoy leading and managing teams that share my vision and values of delivering high-quality and customer-centric results. I am always eager to learn new skills and technologies that can enhance my performance and expand my knowledge.